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Comments of Kelly Kurz

I thought massage was an indulgence; however, after working with Melissa over the past two years, I have found it to be so much more. I have become more at ease with my body and realize that the muscle and soft tissue manipulation not only feels good, but also leads to an emotional contentment that I haven’t felt in years. Melissa is astute and tailors each and every treatment to meet my changing needs. I have never left her office without feeling twice as good as when I arrived, and massage is now part of my wellness routine.

Comments of Kelly Kurz,

Comments of Gay Davenport

Having experienced impressive results from massage, as well as less-than-stellar experiences, I was delighted to find that Melissa Banno combines the highest level of expertise as she draws from different massage styles. Her range of knowledge and uncommon sensitivity provides the client with a health-promoting experience which eases muscular aches, postural problems, enhances circulation, and helps the body recover from accumulated stress. She is undoubtedly one of the best massage therapists I’ve encountered. Each massage increases one’s awareness of realigning and relaxing, staying young and feeling good. What a blessing to have you here in the Greenville area, Melissa.

Gay Davenport, MA, Psychology

Comments of Gay Davenport,
Retired Psychology Professor

Comments of Patricia Combs

I was involved in two car accidents in 1991. From those accidents I suffer from back pain. I also have fibromyalgia, which can be very painful, along with severe arthritis in my low back. For the past three years I have suffered from severe migraines. I finally decided to try massage from Melissa about one month ago. Had I known the wonderful results of Melissa’s techniques I would have gone a long time ago. My back pain is greatly reduced and overall I am feeling better. I feel more positive about my life due to such a reduction in pain. I am grateful to Melissa for her positive approach to my needs.

Comments of Patricia Combs
Insurance Sales

Comments of J. Jablonski

For most of my career I viewed massage as a luxury and a form of unnecessary self indulgence. Late in my career and suffering from hypertension and lower back pain not to mention the stresses associated with managing a County wide public service program, I reconsidered my position about massage. Thanks to Melissa Banno I now find that Therapeutic Massage offers me an excellent and cost effective method of dealing with these issues while maintaining a very busy schedule. I am now looking forward to retirement in the next year or two and find Wholesome Healing a valuable ally in this quest. During a recent medical exam I enjoyed lower blood pressure and even matched one medication to work in conjunction with bi-monthly massage. By the way, thanks to Melissa, I look forward to each and every massage because it just down right feels good and reminds me what “stress free” actually feels like. Thanks Melissa!

Comments of J. Jablonski
County Gov't Program Supervisor

Comments of S. Edwards

Melissa has been a breath of fresh air, not just for my body, but also for my mind and spirit. Her intuitive nature enables her to identify the actual origin of pain, which is often quite different from the place it is felt. She is unencumbered by traditional expectations. Her entire goal is to find and ease the discomfort that our lives can sometimes bring. There are many unexpected gifts in life.
For me, Melissa is one of them.

Comments of S. Edwards

Comments of Doug Hill

Melissa delivers a wonderful and effective therapeutic massage. She quickly locates areas of stress and eliminates them. Her massages have helped me to increase my body awareness and reduce stress levels. She is a blessing.

Comments of Doug Hill
Insurance Sales

Comments of James L. Bullock,

I am a marathon runner, age 57. I need a serious professional to work on problem areas created by long stressful workouts. I have been seeing Melissa monthly for about one year now. She delivers just the right combination of deep muscle work with muscle relaxation. While my running buddies have experienced numerous injuries over the past year, I have been injury free for the most part. I attribute this in large part to the regular monthly session with Melissa. She understands the special needs of people who make serious demands on their bodies. Along with proper sleep and diet, a regular monthly message is a part of my overall training plan.

Comments of James L. Bullock,
Professor of Law


Client Comments

Listen to what Chelsea Hauck, Graduate student, has to say about us.

Chelsea Hauck

Listen to what Dr. Phyllis Rumpp, Retired science professor, has to say about us.

Dr. Phyllis Rumpp

Listen to what Rita Bennett, Middle school music teacher, has to say about us.

Rita Bennett