Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

        • Decreases pain by stimulating production of endorphins
        • Enhances sense of well-being and body awareness
        • Decreases insomnia and improves sleep patterns
        • Improves functioning of immune system
        • Improves skin condition, texture, and tone
        • Removes toxins and wastes from muscle tissue
        • Aids in relief of colic, constipation and bloating
        • Accelerates recovery from surgery and injuries
        • Reduces or eliminates muscle pain, soreness and fatigue
        • Reduces scar tissue formation
        • Reduces stress and anxiety
        • Increases mental alertness
        • Renews energy and vitality
        • Helps relieve depression
        • Lowers blood pressure
        • Improves circulation
        • Reduces swelling


Client Comments

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Chelsea Hauck

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Dr. Phyllis Rumpp

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