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What is tensegrity?

One of the fundamental principles I use in my work is called “tensegrity”. It is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller, an architect, to explain the inherent tension and integrity of structures in the universe. One simple definition is:” a concept in architecture and biology where a balance of tension

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Why is Massage Effective?

In Deane Juhan’s book, Job’s Body, he talks about how the body adopts habitual patterns of holding and movement based on our jobs, social situations, general dispositions, injuries and repetitive motions. He says, on pages 220 and 221: Over the years, it is the habitual repetition of these preferred fixations

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Recommended Oil for Massage Therapy

Since 2006 the only oil I have used in my practice is Jojoba Oil. It technically is not an oil, but a wax derived from the jojoba seed. Its chemical composition is very similar to human sebum, so it leaves no oily residue, is hypoallergenic and never goes rancid. It

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