Human Anatomy Fascination – The Shoulder

Human Anatomy Fascination – The Shoulder

Over my 15 years of practice, I have gone through phases of fascination with various aspects of the body. At one point it was the temporomandibular joint (the jaw), another time the ribs, another time the ankle and foot, etc.

Most recently I am fascinated by the shoulder, particularly where the humerus and scapula connect. I am finding that most of us have some restriction and lack of mobility in the gliding and movement of the humerus. What is fascinating is that sometimes this restriction comes from a restriction or weakness further down the arm, in the wrist or elbow. Sometimes it is from tight or injured muscles in the chest. Sometimes it comes from the neck or back muscles, or a complex combination of many areas, injuries, and weaknesses.

The human anatomy is always a puzzle to ponder, a sort of kite string to untangle. Some deep thoughts for the massage enthusiasts.

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