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The Power of the Breath

As this Covid pandemic continues, we are all growing weary of the uncertainty, stress, frustration and loss. The one reliable anchor we can turn to to help us cope is our breath. And there is a fascinating book that can help. 

Breath, by James Nestor, is the most comprehensive book I have ever read about the breath. He not only explores the way we breathe currently in our modern-day society but how we breathed in the past and how even our anatomy as a species has changed. Despite the very detailed and technical information he shares, Nestor’s writing style is engaging and easy to read. There is also an Audible version that the author narrates.

What he discovers from years of extensive research and experimentation is that it is very important to breathe primarily through the nose (not through the mouth, especially when sleeping). Also, in general, we “over breathe” in our modern society. When we breathe less and breathe more slowly we actually send more oxygen to our cells. 

I encourage you to read or listen to this book and take advantage of this life-changing information. There is an extensive appendix with a wealth of resources to give you tools to explore various breathing techniques. Meanwhile, for a taste of what it might look and feel like to explore your breath, click on the video below. Tap into the power of your breath!