Who is Deane Juhan?

Recently I was very lucky to have an opportunity to train with Deane Juhan. I attended a three-day workshop on Trager Fundamentals with Resistance and Release, focused on neck and shoulders. Deane is the author of Job’s Body, a book that is a “Bible” for massage therapists. It is possibly the most famous and widely used resource in therapeutic bodywork. It is required reading for national massage therapy certification and also serves the general reader.

Deane was born in 1945 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and educated at the University of Colorado (B.A.), the University of Michigan (M.A.), and the University of California at Berkeley, where he spent three and a half years as a doctoral candidate. In 1973 an experience with bodywork at Esalen Institute in Big Sur changed his career, and he remained in residence there for the next 17 years. He developed a private practice and led workshops in movement therapy and education as well as seminars in anatomy and physiology for bodyworkers. In 1976 he met Dr. Milton Trager, founder of the Trager Institute for Psychophysical Integration, and has been a practitioner and instructor of the TRAGER® approach ever since. He is on the faculty of the Northern California Trager Institute and has developed a series of workshops in dynamic anatomy and in Trager® Bodywork for bodyworkers and therapists of all kinds, which he conducts all over the United States, in Canada and in Europe.