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How do we heal collectively?

Part of my training to become a massage therapist involved discovering my own biases and how to see more clearly the shared humanity of every person that walks through my door. I also continue to grow and evolve, to endeavor to empathize more deeply, and maintain a safe, comforting environment for my clients. 

This takes time and practice, and I have discovered a book that anyone can use to explore more deeply the ideas and feelings that are literally embedded in our bodies in the US regarding race. This is a practical book which utilizes some of the same techniques I teach clients to settle their minds and bodies, to be fully present and breathe, recognizing and releasing holding patterns in the body. 

If you don’t have the time or energy to read the book, I highly recommend listening to this interview with the author:

“Therapist and trauma specialist Resmaa Menakem is working with old wisdom and very new science about our bodies and nervous systems, and all we condense into the word “race.” “Your body — all of our bodies — are where changing the status quo must begin.”  “