Who is Deane Juhan?

Recently I was very lucky to have an opportunity to train with Deane Juhan. I attended a three-day workshop on Trager Fundamentals with Resistance and Release, focused on neck and shoulders. Deane is the author of Job’s Body, a book that is a “Bible” for massage therapists. It is possibly the most

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Human Anatomy Fascination – The Shoulder

Over my 15 years of practice, I have gone through phases of fascination with various aspects of the body. At one point it was the temporomandibular joint (the jaw), another time the ribs, another time the ankle and foot, etc. Most recently I am fascinated by the shoulder, particularly where

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Recommended Oil for Massage Therapy

Since 2006 the only oil I have used in my practice is Jojoba Oil. It technically is not an oil, but a wax derived from the jojoba seed. Its chemical composition is very similar to human sebum, so it leaves no oily residue, is hypoallergenic and never goes rancid. It

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